Tips and Secrets of Sewing Dolls and Soft toys
3. Cutting

Print patterns and cut them along the contour. Also transfer all notes you've made on patterns to paper. Don't forget about the lengthwise direction of the material on the layout.

You can pin patterns to fabric or hold them tightly, avoiding displacement. Outline the details of the patterns and make all the marks. Leave 3/8-5/8 inch (1- 1.5 cm) between the details, thus, we get 1/4 inch (0.5- 0.7 cm) allowances.

Note: sewing patterns for soft toys from fleece are given without seam allowances.
Sewing patterns for soft toys and dolls made from other fabrics (for example, cotton or linen) are given with seam allowances - patterns have two lines, so you can choose.
Determine the front side of the fleece before sewing. Do the cutting on the wrong side of fabric.
Important: the arrows indicate the lengthwise grain of fabric on patterns; given its direction you have to put patterns' details on the fabric.
It's very important to find the direction of the loop lines of fleece, and which way it stretches. Fleece has minimum stretchability along the length of the fabric (selvage the edge of the fabric) and stretches well in the transverse direction (perpendicularly to selvage the edge).
Pay attention to fleece pile. If the selected material has a fluffiness with a certain direction, then put details of the pattern along the pile, not discordantly.
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Some freshies from my blog
Some freshies from my blog