Carrot Sewing Pattern Free - How to Make Fabric Carrots - Easy DIY Craft Project

Learn how to sew fabric carrots easy and quick. Carrot template free for sewing Easter decor.
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Easter is the perfect time to get creative and crafty with decorations! Whether you want to dress up your kitchen table or the mantelpiece, a fabric carrot sewing pattern is just the thing to add some festive cheer. This article will show you how to make your own fabric carrots - a quick and easy way to craft beautiful Easter decor from the comfort of your own home.
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With fabric, stuffing, and little bit of creativity, you can make gorgeous decorations for your home this Easter season. Plus, you can customize the color and texture of fabric for a unique design to match any interior. Get ready to sew your own fabric carrots and make your house the talk of the neighborhood!

Statistics show that 81% of Americans believe handcrafted items bring more joy and meaning than store-bought items, so let's get sewing and start bringing a little bit of joy to your home this Easter!
Materials required for sewing a fabric carrot 8 inches (20 cm) long (body approx.5" (13cm), leaves approx. 3" (8cm)):
  • orange and green fabrics - I use linen, you can also use cotton or cotton for quilting or another fabric
  • black thread for stripes on carrot
  • sewing thread
  • polyester filling for stuffing
Download Free Sewing Pattern , print and cut out the sewing pattern.
Fold green fabric in half right side inside. Pin.
Trace the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric.
I use pattern without seam allowance. But if you want you can use a pattern with seam allowances. The pattern is given in two versions for your convenience and choice.
Trace the pattern on the wrong side of the orange fabric.
Cut out with seam allowance about 1/4" (5mm).
Sew along the drawn lines. Do not forget to leave unstitched opening for turning out.
Clip seam allowance to allow the curve to stretch out nicely. For this convenient to use Pinking shears. But if you don't have such pinking shears then you can use simple scissors.
Turn pieces right side out.
For help I'm using wooden stick.
Iron if necessary.
Sew up stuffing opening with a ladder stitch.
Divide the leaf detail conditionally into three parts...
... and fold along these lines.
And fold in half.
Sew by hand.
Leaves for carrot is ready.
Fill the turned out orange piece with polyester filler.
Turn the seam allowance inside the piece.
Sew with Running Stitch along the fold line.
Put the leaves inside the carrot body. Pull the thread to gather the top. Sew together carrot body and leaves.
Make the black stripes. Embroider stripes on the body of carrot: Insert with a needle and black thread inside the body and bring it out in several places.
Make a knot at the end and hide the thread inside.
Your carrot is ready! Sew more carrots and Bunnies for get creative and have fun this Easter!
Add a cute bunny to your carrot and you have the perfect Easter decoration that will bring a smile to every face!
Perfect for springtime, this bunny is sure to bring joy and cheer to your space. With detailed instructions this easy-to-follow pattern is great for any skill level. Let your creativity bloom and make this one-of-a-kind Easter decor for your home.
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Some freshies from my blog
Some freshies from my blog