Sewing Dolls and Soft Toys
4. Basic Stitches

Details of toys and clothes are sewn on the sewing machine with a straight seam of 1/16 inch (2- 3 mm) length. While working with fleece, it's more convenient to use needles for knitted material.

Use zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine to process the edges of allowances on the elements of toy's clothing. There is no need to process the edges of the fleece elements.

When assembling and decorating, use the following hand stitches:
Ladder Stitch (Invisible) – this is the main hand stitch used when assembling toys. This stitch is used for sewing up all the holes for turning out, and connecting the parts.
Running Stitch – is mainly used for decoration (e.g. embroidering a mouth).
Back Stitch – can also be used when decorating toys.
Blanket Stitch – is helpful when, for example, sew up the nose for cat doll or for bunny doll.
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Some freshies from my blog
Some freshies from my blog