Tips and Secrets of Sewing Handmade dolls and Soft toys
1. About Fleece

I sewed my first soft toys from fleece and I created the first patterns for sewing soft toys and animal dolls from fleece, so I want to share with you tips and secrets for sewing soft toys from fleece. Most of the tips are universal and are also suitable for sewing toys and dolls from other fabrics (such as cotton or linen for example)
About fleece

Fleece is a synthetic fabric with a pile on a knitted basis. It is soft to the touch, lightweight, and flexible. Also it has good tear resistance and durability.

It is easy to take care of fleece, it doesn't lose colour. It's enough to wash it in warm water (30-40 degrees) and dry (ironing is not necessary).
As for me, I much prefer double-sided dense fleece (about 350g / m2), of modest thickness and a pile length of about 1/16 inch (2 mm).

I love fleece for easy and "obedience" while working with it. Material thickness and stretchability mask possible roughness of a stitching. The edges of the material don't peel off, that's why you don't have to process it. The softness of fleece gives toys cosiness.
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In my store you will find patterns for sewing fleece soft toys and animal dolls, you can see them here
Some freshies from my blog
Some freshies from my blog