8. Face. Nose
8. Toy's face decoration

Preparing the material for a nose

For some characters' noses we are going to use cotton fabric. Details of noses don't need allowances for stitching up. The material has to be processed first, so that the edges of the future nose don't fluff in the process of stitching it to the face.

Take a piece of Vlieseline (interfacing fabric), put on the wrong side of cotton and iron, let the fabric cool of. Now you can cut.

If you don't have Vlieseline (interfacing fabric), you can use PVA glue (PVA adhesive/white glue) for example Elmer's Liquid School Glue. Lubricate a piece of cotton with glue on the wrong side and let it dry. Thus, you can make a lot of blanks at once:
Stitching up the nose

Take the pattern of the nose (the example of a cat) and put it on the prepared fabric. Cut the blank out without allowances on the outlined contour.

Pin the nose and sew it with Blanket Stitch, with a stitch height of 1/16-1/8 inch (2- 3 mm) and the same step length:
Before 3/8 inch ( 1 cm) till the edge of the nose contour, take a small piece of polyester and carefully fill the nose with it so that it becomes convex. For stuffing and compacting use the blunt side of a thin wooden stick:
Then stitch and fasten the thread at the end:
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