7. Assembling
7. Assembling

Before assembling, sew up all the holes for turning out and stuffing on details with a Ladder Stitch (you can watch a scheme in section 4 "Sewing toys. Basic stitches"). I will show the example of the bunny's head: sewing in two threads, start a little before than the hole, hiding a knot there. Stitches have to be 1/16 inch (2- 3 mm) long. For clarity, picture shows how stitches go:
Pulling the end of the thread, you get a Ladder Stitch:
When assembling the elements of a toy, for convenience, pin them, and then sew them up with a Ladder Stitch (with a stitch length of 1/16 inch (2- 3 mm)). Also pins help modelling the position of toy's elements:
The attachment of the feet to the body can be made by sewing, when we just sew parts together with ladder stitch (along the line of joining the elements), or by the use of buttons or cotter pins (split pins):
To stitch the ears up to a toy, pin them first. Sew each ear from two sides - along the front and back part with a Ladder Stitch:
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